Wednesday 18 September 2013

Phone Charger Holder

This is such a great idea that I can take absolutely no credit for!

This was what our "Charging Station" used to look like:
Not good!

I found this tutorial on Make it & Love it

These were the containers I started with:
I peeled off the labels - this proved to be a little bit more difficult that I anticipated. The bubble bath bottle had a sticky layer left on it and the Cif was a nightmare!

I have this bottle of liquid called Sticky Stuff remover which I've had for years. It works a treat on exactly this kind of sticky mess. You glug it on, leave it for a minute and then rub with a bit of kitchen paper and the glue/glue & paper just comes off. (I have heard that you can use baby oil to remove sticky residue but I've never tried that so can't comment. I guess you could try soaking them in warm soapy water too)

I washed and dried them thoroughly. Then I followed the instructions on Make it & Love it up to the point where Ashley painted them. I left mine see-through as I didn't think the men/boys in the house would use anything that was too pretty! As we have switches next to the sockets here in the UK I had to keep testing & then trimming them till they fitted right, but this was dead easy.
Ta Dah! Much better.

(There is an "at your own risk" warning on the Make it & Love it site and a lot of comments about whether this is safe to put on a socket, questions about it getting hot/melting etc.
Mine haven't even got warm in use)

(what can go wrong) I was feeling very happy about our new tidy "Charging Station" until this happened!
You win some, you loose some!

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