Friday, 30 August 2013

Doodle Card

Do you like to Doodle? This is a quick and easy card idea. I made this for my friend, you won't be surprised to learn her name is Liz!

You will need:
a blank card (mine is 5"x7" but any size will work)
an envelope it fits in!
a black fine liner
colouring pens (I've just used the kids felt pens but more about that later)

First write your message in bubbly writing using the fine liner. Just be brave, use bold strokes and try not to stop mid line. (you can see where I didn't follow my own advice on the y of happy - never mind, no one will notice once it's finished)

Then add a few large flowers in the bigger gaps.

Next start filling in the smaller gaps with leaves, flowers, hearts, swirls. Don't worry if some elements are a bit wonky or uneven, there's so much going on no one will ever spot it but you.

Now just keep filing in the gaps with whatever you like.

I have tried to sneak in a few little personalised things - Liz has several greyhounds/learchers, supports Coventry City Football Club, and is always making me tea at work! The little greyhound was a bit tricky, I practised on a scrap of paper a few times and then did it in pencil first on the card before inking it over.

You could stop here and leave it black and white.

I love a bit of colouring in!
The hardest thing is knowing when to stop - just do as much or as little as you want. You can use a really limited colour palette (I used 5 colours here) or go crazy and use loads, it's up to you - there is no right or wrong!
(what can go wrong) I do own some very lovely Promarker pens which are so lovely to colour with. Unfortunately this is what happened when I used them for this card.
 Luckily I checked the inside after I coloured in the football in the top left corner and switched to the kids felt pens which didn't bleed through at all. 

I've used this idea for a few friends recently. (these photos are from my phone, hence the terrible quality)

For Gabbie I crocheted a little heart brooch, attached it to the card and doodled around it.

Angela likes to sew and we drink a lot of tea together!

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  1. These are really cute. I love to doodle and this is a great idea. Thanks for sharing at Throwback Thursday.



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