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Wallpaper Gift Wrap with Wool Tassel Trim

Part 5 of my recycled wrapping ideas, using wall paper offcuts and left over bits of wool.
with tassel tutorial

You do need to have thought ahead for this one, and saved offcuts of wallpaper from pattern matching, ends of roll etc. You could go into the DIY shop and take a few sample lengths of wallpaper and I wouldn't judge you, but really the idea of recycling is to use what you have already!

Just wrap the pressie in wallpaper. I find sellotape doesn't really stick very well so that's why I've used wool to secure it all and the tassels just add a little something extra.

Secure your parcel with a doubled up length of wool and tie a bow.

Then make the tassels:
Holding the end with your thumb, wrap the wool around three fingers.

Keep wrapping till you have a little bundle. I didn't count, just stop when it looks a bit like this. (Just a quick hint: see how my fingers are slightly apart and I've not wrapped too tightly? That is on purpose, wrap too tightly and it's really hard to slide the bundle off and your fingers will start to go purple!)

Slide the bundle gently from your fingers and lay it on top of a short (4" ish) length of wool.

Bring the short length round and tie a knot. You want the knot to be about 3/4 to 2/3 of the way up the bundle.

Pull it nice and tight and do another knot for good measure.

Cut across the looped bottom of the bundle like this. (I recommend good scissors not old ones like this with a bit of sellotape stuck to them!)
Tassel making tutorial
Then trim the bottom of the tassel off level, including the ends of the short thread that you used to tie it up.

Thread one strand of one end of your parcel wool onto a big needle.

Poke it through the lopped end of your tassel.

Tie a little knot with the other strand of the parcel wool and then swivel it round so that the knot is hidden inside the tassel loop.

Tie a knot just above the tassel loop then repeat for the other end of your parcel wool. 
wallpaper gift wrap and tassel tutorial

Easy Peasy!

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  1. So much fun! I love the idea of gift wrapping with tassels. I have a reputation in my family for not being the best wrapper - this could help!


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