Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Reindeer Noses

I came across this cute idea on pinterest and traced it back to the lovely Kate from Kate Hadfield Designs, She produces beautiful hand drawn designs for scrap booking, card making etc and has a lovely little selection of freebies on her site (as well as loads of gorgeous designs available to buy)

If you are young and related to me - LOOK AWAY NOW - you might be getting one of these for Christmas!
christmas gift sweets

I pretty much followed Kate's instructions but had to make a couple of changes due to what was available in the supermarket.

This is what you need:
Round brown sweets (I have used Malties which is just the supermarket version of Malteasers)
Round red sweets (the same supermarket actually had packets of round red sweets called reindeer noses - result!)
Sweet gift bags (I could only find long thin bags for pretzels. Hobbycraft was running pretty low on stock)
Kate's lovely printable
A stapler (not photographed but I guess you know what that looks like!)

Download the printable bag header from here. I had to make mine a little bit smaller as my bags were only 6cm wide. I chose to download the zip file with the jpeg version, which I opened then copied and pasted into word. Then I could resize it easily by just selecting the "format picture" tool (just right click the picture) then select "size" and pop in the size you want.
I imagine techie people across the internet cringing at this method, but it works for me (ain't broken don't fix it!)
Once it was the size I needed I just copied and pasted it until I had a page full, then printed onto card.

They came out so lovely, I'm really pleased with them.

Then you just put a few malteasers in the bag, add 1 red sweet, then fill the bag with the malteasers almost to the top.
Fold the beautiful topper in half, place over the top and staple as neatly as you can.

I also used the back of one these printables as a label for a hot chocolate gift box, 

and made a cute card with one, adding tiny googly eyes and a sequin red nose.

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  1. So Cute!!! I wish my Pinterest attempts ended up as well as yours!

  2. Oh I LOVE the googly eyes and the sequin nose on the card - what fun!! I really like the long pretzel bags too, they work so well and really show off those noses!

    Thanks so much for choosing my designs to work with! :) Merry Christmas!!

    1. I'm so glad you approve of what I've done, It's important to me that you are happy with the results. I'll certainly be back to your blog to see what other goodies you have for us.

  3. Such a clever idea! Thank you for sharing it with us #Pintorials


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