Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Envelope Bin

Today just a very quick tip that you might like to try if you enjoy any type of papercraft.
temporary paper recycling bin

I don't know about you, but I make A LOT of mess when I'm being creative. I tell everyone it's just part of the process. When I'm making cards I always end up with a pile of little scrappy bits of paper, the bits you really can't save for anything else. It then gets knocked, goes everywhere and when I'm tidying up when I'm finished, I try to scrape it all into the bin without it ending up all over the floor. You get the picture.
If I just bung everything into a regular bin as I go I then feel bad because I know half of it is paper which now won't go in the recycling - I'm not a fan of rummaging through the bin separating things afterwards!

Well the other day I had a bit of a brainwave (all though I do say so myself)
I took an old A4 envelope....
.... and pushed the bottom corners in.
This is a bit like a non measured, non, pre-scored, more relaxed version of the bottom corners on the gift bags from old envelopes. You just want it flat enough to be able to stand up for a while.
Ta Dah - mini temporary paper bin. Here it is "in situ". (can you spot the crafting essential - a mug of tea!)
Just bung all your teeny tiny scraps of paper straight in. When you are finished just scrunch the top then the whole thing can just go straight in the paper recycling. 

If the rest of the planet has been doing this for years, just don't tell me. Let me have my moment of thinking I'm a genius domestic goddess!
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  1. I need to remember this next time I craft; I hate the mess I make all over the table and it takes forever to cleanup!

    1. I think a little mess if to be expected when you are being creative, it's just so easy for it to get out of hand!


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